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Entrepreneur, Designer and Researcher of Electronic Engineering


Ali Hedayat, Designer, Entrepreneur and Researcher in Electronic Technology Engineering with a history of activities including patent, book publishing, educational software development for the ministry of education, teaching, professor guides of elites and inventors, membership in the scientific board and arbitration of the Kharazmi Youth Festival (Inventions and Initiatives), Iranian Society of Engineers, Iranian Inventors Association, Young Researchers Club and etc.
Implementing various electronic projects at various levels of industry, personal, government and student, designing microcontroller projects and intelligent projects, programming and simulation in the field of electronics and computers.
University Thesis Project: Design and Manufacture of Electrosurgery

  • Field of activity and research
    Electronics Technology Engineering
  • Languages
    Persian, English, Portuguese
  • Hobbies
    Entrepreneurship, Study, Writing, Creativity in the design of Electronic and Smart systems, Programming, Initiative, invention, problem solving with new ideas, Travel, Intellectual and physical games and sports.
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|~| If I know something and do not teach anyone, I think I know a lot of things and I will not go for newer sciences, but I will easily teach everyone what I know, so I'll be looking for the latest science. I try to learn a new thing every day, and I think this is the same relation of Zakat and the increase of science. Ali Hedayat |~|

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Other abilities

Graphic and website designs

Website design, logo, banner and graphic designs.

Electronic and computer programming

In some of the most popular software in the fields of electronics (microcontrollers) and computers (electronic systems management).

Writing, teaching, translating, project consultant

Some backgrounds, activities and experience in various fields of science and mainly in the field of electronics.

Design user interface softwares

The bridge between the electronic and computer world - control electronic systems via computers, smartphones and etc.

Some records, activities and honors

First rank and appreciation in academic grades

In more than ninety percent of the grade before the diploma

Get Honorary Diploma H.H.P

Granting honorary diploma from the education organization of Tehran - One year before receiving a diploma

Award of the Tehran Water Organization

For scientific and research activities and appreciation in the dedicated publication of the organization

Designing educational software for schools and students in electrical and electronic fields

Ministry of Education (Tehran) - the last two years of secondary education

First place in the production of electronic content production

Ministry of Education (Tehran) - for the design and development of educational assistance software

Design, Manufacturing and Patent of the "Mini-car inspection"

The final year of high school - to attend the Kharazmi Youth Festival

First prize at Kharazmi Youth Festival

With the design of the "Mini-car inspection"

Selected as the scientific referee of the Kharazmi Youth Festival

Selection according to abilities during the interview plan

Selected as the scientific phenomenon of the year

In the area of residence called "Professor Baltazar"!

Supervisor, Counselor and Lecturer of the Elites

Ministry of Education (Tehran)

Invited to celebrate the best of Islamic Azad University

Appreciation of academic excellence

Write a book

The key to success at the young Khwarizmi festival

Consultant and Project officer

Consultant, design and execution of more than 100 projects at industrial, governmental, private and student levels

History of some membership

Academic Student Organization of Electrical Engineering of the country, Inventors Association of Iran, Association of Electrical and Electronics Engineers of Iran, Young Researchers Club and etc.

Title of academic dissertation

Design and construction of a non-bleeding surgical cutter (Electrosurgery)

Overseas - Executive and Consultant

Consultant for the European Union GPS / GSM Tracker (EA) project for mass production

Overseas - Google

Member of the Google Translators Association - Monitor and approve the best equivalent words in international translations (currently in three languages)

FCT University - Lisbon

Collaboration as Senior Electronics Engineer at the university entrepreneurship team

Entrepreneurship in the field of electronics and the implementation of various electronic and intelligent projects

Since 2002 till now


Up to diploma

Public Examplar Schools

Electronics Technology Engineering

Azad university of Tehran

Some of skills

Microcontrollers (MCU)
Digital designing
UI designing
Electronic programming
Coumputer programming
Web and graphic designing
Simulation and design of electronic boards


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    H.H.P (honorary diploma)
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    Certificate of appreciation (Water organization)
  • Certificate of appreciation (Educational organization)
    Certificate of appreciation (Educational organization)
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    Certificate of appreciation (Kharazmi Elite Festival)
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